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Do you know what you applying on your face?

laniege BB ingredients

Caught up with a friend whom I haven’t seen in years recently and who is not YET a MOMMA convert. 🙂

Started talking about makeup…as you do…and she complained she has dry, flaky skin so she can’t use mineral powder. She blamed it on the harsh Perth weather and dehydration.

So I asked her what makeup she’s using now and she said it’s a BB cream which you apply using a sponge and it’s addictive and feels really good on the skin. I won’t name the brand as this post is not about bad mouthing any brands. Out of curiosity, I googled the product to find the ingredients and reviews and immediately alarm bells went off.

This is the ingredients list for the so called BB cream that costs $45:

laniege BB ingredients

Below are excerpts of some of the reviews found on the web:

Review 1 – “This product broke me out BAAAD! I have resilient skin. I don’t break out easy, I’m not too dry or too oily, just smack dab normal, olive skin. I bought this BB cream because I was intrigued by the concept. I liked the initial finish but after a few hours wear, it felt drying. I persevered. I noticed a slight rash on my cheek that I thought was irritation from a sweaty (pre-makeup) workout. The next day , I met a friend for coffee and she blurted out, “what happened to your face?”

On day 2 of using this product, over a few hours of wearing this, my cheeks were red and scaly and covered with dozens of small pus filled bumps. Yuck! My friend asked if I had used any new product on my face….”

Review 2 – “When I first put it on my face, I was really satisfied with the glowing effect of it.
However, after 3-4 hours it did not look good anymore. I started to breakout after using this for about a week,
acne on the forehead, cheek, and under the nose, whiteheads on the cheek.”

Review 3 – “This product broke me out. So badly I had to run and get antibiotics to clear up the resultant mess it left.”

Beauty Balm? I don’t think so.

Needless to say, these ladies have just wasted $45 on a product that they cannot use. It’s sad when we hear stories like that everyday. It’s like paying someone $50 to poison you.

To save a lot of pain and $$$, always read the ingredients list first and decide if you want to put that much chemicals on your face and take the risk. If your skin is breaking out, dry, flaky, red, blotchy with mysterious looking bumps, always read the ingredients of any new foundation, face cream or cleansers you are using and look out for nasty chemicals that may be the cause. Don’t just boil it down to diet or dehydration.