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all about that base

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109455″]

Matte Fair

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109461″]

Matte Ivory

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109464″]

Matte Light Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109469″]

Matte Medium Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109474″]

Matte Nude Tan

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109477″]

Matte Golden Tan

Oh my goodness I’m obsessed! The coverage in your products is amazing and I’ve used so so little!
It’s still lasted until now with NO touch ups (rare for me) and isn’t separating and sliding all over my face.
I can’t believe its mineral. Obsesssssssed x

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109482″]

Semi-Matte Golden Bronze

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109489″]

Semi-Matte Deep Bronze

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109497″]

Semi-Matte Golden Tan

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109553″]

Semi-Matte Nude Tan

I’ve been trying so hard to find a makeup that doesn’t show my creases and lines (thanks kiddies lol)
I’ve had it on since 9am and no smile creases no transfer lines didn’t expect so much coverage for a powder!!

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109510″]

Semi-Matte Medium Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109514″]

Semi-Matte Light Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109519″]

Semi-Matte Ivory

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109535″]

Semi-Matte Fair

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109579″]

Semi-Matte Snow

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109538″]

Semi-Matte Porcelain

I cannot rave enough about this product. I discovered Momma a couple of years ago and will not use any other make up.
The mineral foundation is not only the best foundation I’ve ever used, but it’s one of the cheapest…

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109621″]

Liquid Base – Fair

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109645″]

Liquid Base – Beige Fair

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109625″]

Liquid Base – Light Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109638″]

Liquid Base – Medium Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109656″]

Liquid Base – Tan Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109640″]

Liquid Base – Nude Tan

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109650″]

Liquid Base – Golden Tan

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109653″]

Liquid Base – Deep Bronze

Really wish I did a video recording of my reaction. Jaw to the floor!
The coverage was awesome. I was never one for mineral foundations as they basically did nothing for me.
I’m so happy i found momma! Best mineral foundation ever! I will be back lol

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109668″]

Light Glow Bronzer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109600″]

Medium Glow Bronzer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109603″]

Tanned Glow Bronzer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109609″]

BB Cream Light

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109613″]

BB Cream Medium

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109673″]

BB Cream Natural Tan

Perfect colour match, flawless finish, and so far has stayed on very well!!
I’ve always been hesitant, and never liked Mineral Foundations but I really like this and it gives me a good medium coverage, but still natural so, so impressed!

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109691″]

Pressed Powder – Fair

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109693″]

Pressed Powder – Light Beige

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109695″]

Pressed Powder – Medium

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109697″]

Pressed Powder – Nude Tan

MOMMA products are THE best value for money and seriously THE best all natural products that I have used.
The makeup goes on flawless and lasts all day without any gross shine!

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109775″]

Fair Cream Concealer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109778″]

Light Cream Concealer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109781″]

Medium Cream Concealer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109786″]

Green Colour Corrector

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109789″]

Yellow Colour Corrector

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109792″]

Peach Colour Corrector

LOVE this product. So light, easy to apply, a small amount goes a long way. I love that it’s not tested on animals, vegan friendly, all natural & it’s made RIGHT HERE!!

I’ve never come across a makeup brand that didn’t make my skin oily as the day went by or was this lovely and soft in texture. I have not had a breakout since I’ve been using it. The colours are gorgeous, and they glide on and blend super easy. Beautiful, local, ethical and surprisingly so affordable! Amazing

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109706″]

Blonde 3-in-1 Brow Powder

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109708″]

Espresso 3-in-1 Brow Powder

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”109710″]

Brunette 3-in-1 Brow Powder

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110240″]

Jojoba Lip Primer

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110242″]

Pink Jojoba Lip & Cheek Tint

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110244″]

Red Jojoba Lip & Cheek Tint

I particularly love how natural this lip balm is. It is free from all the naughties and full of all the goodies, including certified organic oils and vitamin E. So my lips feel extra protected for quite some time.

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110171″]

Flat Top Brush

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110186″]

Brow & Lip/Concealer Brush

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110188″]

Blending Sponge

[woocommerce_lookbook id=”110191″]

Mini Blending Sponge

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